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Director RetreatThe Journey, LLC is the culmination of 37 years of practical experience in working with troubled teens by Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D., who co-founded the company in 2003.

Dr. Liebing first worked with adolescents as a high school teacher and counselor, using wilderness “survival” trips with her students to reduce high school drop out rates. Later as a Licensed Psychologist she was one of the co-founders of Aspen Achievement Academy (then called Wilderness Academy). Her main contribution was to bring the idea of clinical therapy to youth wilderness programs. She designed and wrote the therapeutic and educational curriculum for the wilderness program in 1989 and served as a psychologist for several years.

More recently in private practice, she has been working with underprivileged youth and their families.

In The Journey programs they combined clinical excellence with experiential therapy, wilderness therapy, outdoor treks and expeditions, ropes course elements, initiative games that teach principles, care and training of animals, and the value of a strong work ethic.

An Owner Operated Company:

The Journey is owner-operated by several partners who serve in a variety of capacities from program directors to business manager and therapist. Dr. Liebing continues to serve as the Clinical Director for all Journey programs. Currently The Journey consists of multiple programs including a full out-patient clinic with daily groups and individual/family therapy is located in Provo, Utah. Short-term (42 to 60 days) programs such as the wilderness program as well as long term programs (6 to 12 months) complete a continuum of care for male and female adolescents with a wide range of behavioral, mental health, addiction, and educational problems. At this time, The Journey has served over 1000 youth in one or more of their programs. Some clients have been private pay clients enrolled by their parents, and other teens have been placed through contracts with the State of Utah.


Madolyn M. Liebing Ph.D.- Clinical Director/CFO

Madolyn M. Liebing, Ph.D., is one of the owners of The Journey, LLC, and serves as the Clinical Director. She is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has 37 years of experience working with adolescents, first as a high school teacher and then as a high school counselor. She first used wilderness “survival” trips with her students to reduce high school dropout rates. Later as a Licensed Psychologist she was one of the co-founders of Aspen Achievement Academy (then called Wilderness Academy) in 1987.

Her main contribution in the wilderness industry was the welding of clinical therapy to youth wilderness programs. More recently in private practice, she has been working with underprivileged youth and their families. After many years in private practice, she and a group of dedicated youth advocates founded The Journey, LLC. in 2003. She has been a dedicated advocate for youth for many years and continues to work directly with the clients, the therapists, and the staff of the Journey Programs. She loves seeing youth learn, grow, and become.

Chelsea Thomas- Executive Clinical Coordinator/Admissions Director

Degrees: B.A. in Social Work from Utah Valley University, Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix as an Associate Clinical Mental Health

Counselor Credentials: Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (ACMHC); Prime for Life Instructor, WFR, First Aid/ CPR certifications, PCS

History with the Journey: Chelsea started as a supervisor at the Journey– Impact Ranch in 2004. She helped to developed one of the first Journey programs. She became the Program Director of the Ranch. Developed New Vision (substance dependence) and True Path (behavioral and substance abuse) programs for teenage girls and was the Program Director for each. She then served as the Gender Specific Administrator for the Journey where she specialized in female specific treatment and best practices. Chelsea opened the Salt Lake Outpatient Clinic for the Journey and then became a therapist for New Vision. She is currently the Enrollment Director for the Journey.

Personal: Chelsea loves the outdoors and has gone one the most the wilderness treks for the Journey as a female instructor or Therapist. She has a passion for helping people change. She enjoys to traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. Chelsea grew up in South Africa. Served in France for her church and speaks French.

Tyler Patching- Chief Executive Officer

Degree: B.S. in Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Anthropology Brigham Young University Hawaii, 1999

While at BYUH Tyler was involved in several leadership and responsibility enhancing endeavors traveling to all of the Hawaiian Islands as well as Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong functioning as an ambassador of the university. Tyler has also spent an extended period of time in the country of Bolivia where he served as a representative of his faith.

He is one of the key developers of the Journey and has been with the company since its inception. He has worked his way up from Supervisor to Director to Program Administrator and is now the CEO/Co-Owner. He is known for his vision, leadership, business development knowledge.

Tyler loves camping, electronics, and doing anything mechanical. He is the very happy father of two and has been married for 15 years. He finds great joy in discovering ways to utilize his varied fields of interests in an effort to create new and more effective programming for our clients.

Vicki Goodman – Executive Director of Contracts and Licensing

Vicki GoodmanVicki is married to John Goodman (not the actor) and lives in Pleasant Grove Utah. She is a native born Utahan and happy to say so. She is the mother of four children, one son and three daughters. She loves to travel, read, camp, ride ATV’s and enjoys the beauty of the outdoors. She has been in the business since 1994 where she started as a proctor(foster) parent for at risk teens. Since then, she has also been the program director for the Independent Living Center for The Journey, and supervised the proctor families and trackers. She has worked as chairman for several fund raising events for teens in Utah as well as been on the Board for the Journey Academy Non Profit Corporation. She served as the President of the Youth Providers Association in Utah which works with all of the Private Providers throughout the state. Vicki loves being a part of something that provides great resources for youth who need them. Currently she oversees the contract and Licensing requirements for all of our programs ensuring the quality and safety for our clients and staff. Her favorite part of working with youth is the “Ah ha” moment in their life when it suddenly all makes sense.

Jake Smith – Executive Risk Manager

Jake has been with The Impact Ranch since its inception. From line staff to supervisor and guide to trek director and assistant director. Jake was born and raised in Springville, Utah where his father taught him from a young age to appreciate the wilderness.

Jake is fluent in spanish having lived two years in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. Jake holds a current wilderness first responder certification and is currently working on his WEMT. Jake is also completing his bachelors degree in criminal justice after which he will pursue a master degree in business.